The Exact Steps to Sell Your Program on Autopilot

This is a wonderful opportunity you don’t want to miss.

You can be selling your program on autopilot by following this guide!

I’m going to tell you the exact steps to creating a workshop funnel that sells for you without you even needing to be there.

WebinarKit has a lifetime deal on their software right now.

You can pick it up for $74 for a limited time only.

Usually, software like this requires an expensive monthly fee.

This could be YOUR automated workshop selling YOUR coaching, tutoring, or course without you even needing to be there.

Work less & earn more.

How Can WebinarKit Help Me Build My Online Business?

With WebinarKit, you can

  • Attract new clients or students with free workshops or webinars
  • Build trust
  • Get clients or students to sign up for your program without even needing to be there

Easily create a free, pre-recorded, automated workshop and, at the end, sell your:

  • Program
  • Course
  • Coaching
  • Tutoring

…all by automation.

Sample Guide to Creating your Automated Workshop or Webinar

Here is a sample guide to how you could put this amazing strategy into practice:

Step 1: Poll your audience

  • Poll your audience to find out what they’d be most interested in.
  • You can ask your audience to choose from 2-3 options for a workshop (Use Emojis for greater engagement)
  • If you don’t have your own audience yet, you can ask in any Facebook, Instagram, or other social media group you’ve joined which caters to your audience

Step 2: Film your workshop/webinar

  • Create an outline of the things you want to say and do in your workshop/webinar
  • Practice pitching your course, program, coaching or tutoring so that you can promote it smoothly at the end of the workshop/webinar.
  • You can film your workshop just using your phone camera, you don’t need any special equipment. Just make sure there is plenty of light and that background noise is at a minimum.

Note: You can also film your workshop live the first time you do it. Then you can use the recording to create your automated webinar.

WebinarKit also has a live webinar option that costs extra but is still very affordable compared to other options out there. If interested, after you purchase the lifetime deal, you’ll be given the option to purchase a discounted monthly subscription to the live webinar option if you want to add it on.

Step 3: Put up your workshop video on WebinarKit

Step 4: Start sending people to your sign-up page

  • Share the link in social media, send it out to anyone on your email list, or share it in other groups on social media where you know your audience hangs out.
  • You can create ads to promote/boost your post with the link to your workshop to your specific audience
  • Add anyone who signs up to an email list so that you can keep in touch with them even if they don’t sign up for your program. Remember that many people may not be ready to sign up for a paid program right away, but they may be in a month or two if you keep in touch with them and keep building trust with them.

Note: If you have an audience already and want to find out what they’ll actually pay for, you can charge a small fee for the workshop. Those who are willing to pay are your perfect audience. If no one pays, then you know you need to change your offer or your product to better meet their needs.

If you want to confirm whether a specific idea is viable or not, then pre-sell the workshop before you even create it. You can refund anyone’s money if you don’t get enough interest. Then you can test out something else out without having wasted all of the time creating something no one wants.

It really is that simple. Just click below to grab the software and get started!

What If I’m Not Ready Yet?

Even if you don’t feel like you’re ready to set up your sales funnel yet, it’s worth picking this up while it’s available.

Once the deal is gone, you’ll have to pay a lot more to get software like this.

Right now, you can grab the lifetime deal, take your time creating your workshop, and not have to keep paying money out every month as you would with another platform.

Work less & earn more.

Disclaimer: If you sign up for WebinarKit using the link provided in this article, I receive a commission that helps offset the costs of running this blog and allows me to continue helping you succeed as a teacherpreneur.

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