How to Design an Amazing Sales Page for Your Online Teaching Business

When done with this article, you’ll have an awesome sales page that will sell your classes for you!

Confusion kills sales. 

In order to get people to sign up and pay for classes, you need to remove any confusion in the process of getting signed up.

Many people make the mistake of trying to be too creative when doing sales. 

That may have worked 50 years ago when people weren’t so inundated with advertising and may have actually thought about what they were looking at.

That is not true any longer.

Noways, when someone visits your sales page, you’ll be lucky to get a person’s attention for a few milliseconds before they click away.

Your goal is to be clear, not creative.

That is why we want to go through our sales page and make it as clear as absolutely possible. 

A Couple of Sales Page Decisions to Make First

There are 2 options for your sales page:

  • The homepage of your site IS your sales page. 
  • Create a new page to use as a sales page and link to it from all the pages on your site.

For your checkout, you also have two options:

  • Embed on your sales page
  • Link to a separate checkout page

Once you’ve made these decisions, you can start working on the content of your sales page.

The Parts of Your Amazing Sales Page

An effective sales page only needs a few things:

  • A hook – 1 clear sentence or phrase that catches someone’s interest – remember clear is better than creative
  • A picture of the future – paint a picture of the future your ideal customer wants and the future they don’t want
  • Testimonials – share what 1 or 2 students have said (you don’t need a ton)
  • Guarantee – this is an incredibly important part of building trust
  • An offer – a clear offer that tells them what they will get
  • A repeated call to action – “Sign Up Now”, “Schedule Your Classes Now”

Though the pieces of a sales page are not particularly complex, there are still multiple ways you can go wrong.

Issues to Fix on Your Sales Page

These are the most common problems I see on sales pages. Once you’ve got the pieces of your page completed, your goal is to go through and fix the following problems.

1. Tiny text in images

When you put text in small images, it looks messy and unclear, especially on a phone-sized device. For small images in particular, use one short word or one close-up picture. Something that will be clear even on a small device.

2. Big blocks of text

Go through your sales page and break up any big blocks of text. People aren’t going to read blocks of text on a website. (I’ve done this even in this article if you look carefully.)

  • Use single lines of text and openers on a line all to themselves.
  • Use bulleted lists.

Here are a few examples of openers…

  • “First…”
  • “What clients/students have said…” 
  • “I have … years of experience…”

3. Too much text

This pairs with the last point. Most sales pages could stand to lose about 80% of the text on the page.

This may hurt…

…but go through your page: if it doesn’t make your point clearly and succinctly, change or delete it. (If it makes you feel better, copy all your text into a word document and save it for later. I do this all the time. It makes it slightly easier to accept mentally.)

4. Inconsistent Formatting

This helps make your page easy to skim. Let’s not kid ourselves. Everyone skims before deciding whether they want to read the page.

If there is inconsistent, unclear formatting, you’ve lost them.

  • Use headings and subheadings consistently. Add them if you don’t have them.
  • Make sure the sizing and fonts are consistent.
  • Be sure the spacing between lines and paragraphs is consistent.
  • Set your most important points in bold.
  • Use lots of bulleted lists!
  • If you’ve copied and pasted something from another document or from, say, Google Translate, clear the formatting first! 

Alright, now that you’ve seen what an amazing sales page needs, time to put it into practice!

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