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This calculator calculates the amount you should charge if you’re teaching only live classes with your students or clients. If you’re creating a self-paced course or a blended self-paced/teacher-led program, the calculations will be different. Check out the free course at the end of this article to learn more about other options.


How Much Should I Charge Calculator


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Feel Like an Imposter?

When going independent, most teachers feel like imposters.

They are so used to having the affirmation of a company that hires them and finds students for them and keeps paying their paychecks.

They are completely thrown off when they have to advocate for themselves directly to students. The best teachers are usually embarrassed to speak highly of themselves.

They want to make it clear that they are not in it for the money and the best way they know how to prove that is by reducing their rates or accepting whatever rates parents, clients, or students say they are willing to pay.

Do You Want to Make a Difference? Charge More.

If you are a passionate teacher who wants to make an impact on his or her students’ lives, you need to charge a rate that allows you to avoid wrecking yourself and quitting.

You won’t be able to make as much of a difference if you’re packing in classes back to back to back in order to make ends meet.

You won’t have the time or energy to…

  • Prepare appropriately for your lessons
  • Follow up with students and/or parents
  • Build connections with new prospective students

The goal of the calculator above is to force you to consider the other required areas you need to consider in order to have a successful and meaningful online teaching business.

What If My Ideal Clients/Students Can’t Afford These Rates?

First off, people who cut corners usually make excuses about rates being too expensive.

I started and ran a successful brick & mortar school in Taipei, Taiwan for over a decade. The parents who complained about the rates were very often some of the more affluent parents.

And you know what?

They complained about just about everything else as well.

They were always making excuses for why their kids…

  • Didn’t do as well in school as they could or
  • Didn’t behave themselves as well as they should

If your rates are reasonable, and by reasonable, I mean they are high enough that you are able to devote yourself wholeheartedly to getting students results, then you should not feel bad about charging those rates.

And the irony is that, very often, the more you charge, up to a point, the more you will be perceived as a better teacher.

You can have a range within which you’re a little flexible, but, afterward, stick to your guns.

Don’t let fear drive your decisions about your future.

Don’t let fear drive your decisions about your future.

If you sincerely feel like the audience you want to serve is unable to afford the rates you would need to charge, consider other options for reaching your monthly income goals: small group classes, webinars, workshops, self-paced courses, etc. You can learn more about this in the free course How to Build a Meaningful & Successful Online Teaching Business.

After your financial needs are met and you want to help out some needy students who can’t afford your rates, take them on for a drastically reduced rate. Just don’t make the exception the norm. And don’t broadcast it to the world, either.

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I’ve put together a free course that you might find helpful called How to Build a Meaningful & Successful Online Teaching Business.

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